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Create a competitive advantage for your business.

Sponsorship helps create a competitive advantage for your business by getting your name out there and introducing you to new partnerships. But this only goes so far without corporate supplier diversity. Studies show that working with diverse suppliers creates benefits and growth not found in any other situation. Best Diversity and Inclusion practices promote innovation, give you insight on cutting-edge developments, and helps create competition between vendors. Not only that, but supplier diversity shows you are committed to the economic growth of all communities and to demonstrating inclusion practices that don’t just end with consumer-facing platforms.

Duane Ramseur can provide strategies to help you get connected to the right corporations and develop your working commitment to supplier diversity.

With the right tools, you can jump-start your business and grow your chain of suppliers today.

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Ready to learn more? Contact Duane at 612-327-8595 and get started today!

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